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inflatable ufo bumper car for sale

inflatable ufo bumper car for sale

We all know that the traditional bumper car is a small electric car surrounded by rubber bumpers. But a saleable inflatable bumper car is surrounded by inflatable PVC material, which makes it safer, but more exciting, to drive your bumper car into another car. Inflatable PVC materials will absorb more energy and provide you with a better experience.

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Advantage of Inflatable Bumper Cars

1. Very safe, can not cause fire
2. Digital and remote control, fast start, fast stop
3. Low price and high quality
4. Easy to operate and maintain
5. Low power, cost effective
6. Rechargeable and dichargeable battery with reliable quality

Why Inflatable Bumper Cars So Popular

We know that traditional bumper cars are always protected by rubber bumpers. As a new type of impact car, celle's inflatable bumper car has a wear-resistant shell made of high-gloss plastic material. Our inflatable bumper cars have features like astern, music and so on. The chassis is made of standard square steel structure with a maximum loading capacity of 120KG, and the outer cover is made of PVC thick Oxford cloth of light quality.

The UFO bumper is a new type of battery car designed for amusement parks. Super high power dual motor drive, dual rocker control, front and rear freedom flexible, can also 360 degree fast rotation, can remote control switch.

children and adult bumper car for sale

This new spaceship bumper car convert version to child and adult, children's version of bumper car in addition to the size is smaller than an adult, other Settings basic same, battery configuration is different also, because of small volume, so play a higher sensitivity.

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Instructions of Carnee Inflatable Bumper Cars

1. Remote control system of our new type UFO inflatable bumper cars could control 10 cars at the same time. People could set, inquire or adjust the operation hours by the remote control system.
2. Time could be adjusted within 1-30 minutes.
3. All functions are controlled by three buttons which makes the whole riding convenience.
4. Anti-short-circuit function guarantee a safety condition of the equipment.
5. Four LED lights monitor the power of a 12v battery.
6. Equipped with SD card to download music.

inflatable ufo bumper car supplier

Carnee from Kiddie rides to the theme park attractions, such as the merry-go-round carousel, mini train children, bumper cars, cup rides, ferris wheel, flying swing chair, the pendulum amusement facilities, pirate ship, octopus amusement rides and so On. It has many years of export experience and has exported amusement equipment to more than 100 countries including North America, South America, central Asia, Africa, southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia and Europe.